Welcome to the FreshDesk Knowledge Base! This the first place you can look to troubleshoot common data issues or to find out how to use ODP data tools.

In addition to browsing our articles, you can open and view support tickets. We ask that if you have an issue or question, you first look through the knowledge base to see if your question is answered here. If not, feel free to submit a support ticket.

Although we've put a lot of care into writing super helpful articles for you, our knowledge base is continuously growing. Check back here often for new articles!

It is not required to create an account to ask for help, you can always email our team for support at support@okdemocrats.org.

Knowledge Base

You can navigate to the knowledge base from the Home Screen or from the Solutions Screen. Both ways allow you to use the search bar to find solutions for the questions you have! 

Once you have found the article that you would like to view, simply click on the title and read through the instructions. You can also print the help article at home if you prefer a paper version by clicking the print option in the upper right corner.

To the right side of the screen, FreshDesk will suggest related articles. If you don't find the answer to your question in the article you can always read the other articles as well!

We welcome your feedback on all of our support articles. If you have suggestions for elaboration or clarification on a specific topic, email support@okdemocrats.org.

Support Tickets

To create a new ticket, navigate to the home page. Select New Support Ticket.

As you would in any email, enter in the subject line. Select the type that is most applicable to your question/issue. In the description field, describe the issue or question that our team can help you with. If you have a screenshot, you can choose to attach the file. Once you have filled in the information hit submit. 

You can generally expect a response from us within one business day. If your request is more time-sensitive, please indicate this by writing "urgent" in your subject line. 

To check on the status of a ticket you've previously submitted, navigate to the home page. Select Check Ticket Status.

This will redirect you to a page showing all of your submitted tickets. From there you can look for the ticket you are curious about and follow up as appropriate. You can also see all of your tickets by selecting Tickets from the options in the white ribbon.