Welcome to VAN! 

Below is the Main Menu for most VAN Users. You may have more options depending on your user permissions and position on your campaign.

Below is a quick overview of the primary functions from the main menu. You can view more detailed instructions for each tool by clicking on the title of each section

Quick Lookup - Allows you to search for individual voters in the VAN

Load Data - This section contains various tools for tracking data you get from voters during call time, out on the doors, or at events. 

Lists - VAN operates primarily be creating lists of voters who you want to call, canvass, target with ads, or invite to events. You can build and manage those lists here. 

Canvassing - This is where you manage door-to-door canvassing campaigns and see the results from past and current voter contact efforts. 

Virtual Phone Bank - This is the primary phone tool in VAN for organizers and volunteers. 

My PDF Files - When printing paper lists for voter contact, those lists live here. 

If you ever need to find a certain page and aren't sure where to look, type in the page name into the Search Bar on the left-hand side of the page.