Often in VAN, you need to find a specific voter profile, to find their contact info, to add a survey response or activist code, or to mark them down for an event. Quick Lookup and Quick Mark are ideal tools for finding a voter profile and quickly applying changes.

Quick Lookup

Quick Lookup is a basic search tool for voter profiles. In the main menu, it is one of the prominent links at the top. 

In Quick Lookup, there are several searchable fields. If you know their full name and city, that is usually enough to find who you are looking for. You can also be more precise by searching for specific phone numbers, addresses, or emails. 

Once you enter your criteria and press Enter/Search, you will see all voters who match your criteria. Clicking on the voter's name will take you to their voter profile. 

Quick Mark

Quick Mark is a very similar tool to Quick Lookup, but it has the added element of automatically applying a chosen Survey Question, Activist Code, or Event Response. This is useful when you have a long list of voters and need to apply the same code/response to all of them.

You can find Quick Mark on your left sidebar under Data Entry, or by searching at the top of the sidebar. 

First, you need to choose what you want to mark. For example, if I wanted to mark them as a strong supporter in my committee, I would select "Add a Survey Response."

On the next page, select the specific code or response you wish to add. Continuing our example, I would select my candidate support survey question. You also need to enter how you got the response (a phonebank would be Phone, a canvass would be Walk, etc)

From there, the tool works much like Quick Lookup. It has all the same fields, but when it returns search results, you can choose a survey response in the dropdown next to the voter's name. If you are adding an Activist Code, it will just be a checkmark. 

**Before entering new search criteria, you much press "Save/Search" to apply your response!**

After saving, look up the next person on your list until you're done. VAN does the work of applying the response to their profile. Now you can use those responses when creating future lists.