Every voter in VAN has a personal page where their data is stored. This includes address and contact information, past contact attempts, survey response, events, and more. This document will walk through the various fields in a voter's profile page. 

Below is a list of the commonly used fields in Voter Profiles.


This lists all home districts in which the voter lives, including state, county, precinct, HD, SD, etc.

Also at Primary Address

Links to other voters who share the same home address.

Likely Party

You can see exactly how many party points a voter has for each party here

Organizing Turfs

If your campaign uses specific regions that are not tied to county or other political boundaries, you can find the region in which they are located here.


You can edit a voter's home address here. Click the three dots next to their current address to make edits to a part of their address, such as the wrong street address number. Click "Add New Address" to enter a whole new address. If they have multiple addresses, you can click "Set as Preferred" to set which address will appear in phone banks, mailers, etc.

Polling Location

You can see a voter's polling location, address, and hours of operation here. 


You can edit a voter's phone number here. If a number has marked Wrong Number or Disconnected during a canvass, the number will appear with a strikethrough. If you need to add back a number that was marked incorrectly, Click "Restore" to the right. 

Try your best to mark how likely that number is to be a cell phone when entering new numbers. If you're unsure, you can make a judgment based on the voter's age or any other information.


You can edit a voter's email here. Keep in mind that, if you use ActionNetwork, entering an email address here does not enter it into ActionNetwork.

Activist Codes

You can see current Activist Codes and add new ones here.

Survey Responses

You can view old survey responses here. You can also add new survey responses manually. Simply enter when and how the voter was contacted and then enter the response.

Contact History

You can see all committees' previous contacts, including canvass responses here. 

Absentee Voting

Here you can find out if a voter has requested a ballot, when the ballot was mailed to them, and whether or not it has been returned.

Voting History 

While you cannot see who a voter voted for, you can see here whether or not they voted in past elections.


Any notes created in MiniVAN or VPB will appear here.


A voter's exact score number for all models will appear here. If the voter was not included in a certain model, it will be listed as "Unknown"


If your campaign uses Targets for voter contact, the Target fields they are in will be listed here.