Although the we are not able to directly reset your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) code, we are able to assist in getting your 2FA reset! If you recently got a new phone, your 2FA code will need to be reset. The first step should always be to make sure that you have good connection to internet and cell service. In this article we will cover how to work with our team to get your 2FA code reset.

In order to get a 2FA reset, email us at Our team will need to connect you with the NGPVAN support team. Once we have connected you via email with the NGPVAN support team, they will respond in the thread that they are working on assigning a support agent to our case. Once the agent is assigned to assist with the 2FA reset, they will ask for you to respond with an "ok." Please promptly respond for a quick resolution time! 

Once the NGPVAN agent receives your "ok," we will work on resending your VAN log in link. Watch for instructions from our team on how to log in using your new log in link!