In order to send a list to MiniVAN, first create the audience you want to target using Create A List.  

Once you have created your list, go to the upper right part of your screen and click "Cut Turf." It is a little button that has a globe.

After you click that button, you will be directed to a page where you will cut the turf using a map.

Once you've created and saved your turf, you will be directed to a page where you will have to save it to a folder and provide a region name. 

Once you've saved it to a folder and provided a region name, you will be brought to a page called "My Turfs." You should see the turf you just saved under its region name. 

To send this list to MiniVAN, click the sideways arrow to the left of the turf name. There should be a drop down. You should see a new row, with the region name , except this time the region name is unbolded and has "Turf 01" next to it. This is the name of the list you just created. 

Go to the right hand side of that row with the list name, and click the downwards facing arrow for a drop down.

In the drop down, you will see "Generate List Number." Click it!

Once you have clicked "Generate List Number," your page will reload with the list numbers for each selected turf. From here we recommend copying out the table from VAN and inputting it into a Google Sheet. This is a strong foundation for a volunteer sign in sheet. An example of what this can look like, is below! 

You can share the list number with your canvasser from the sheet or during your canvass launch!