In OpenVPB, miniVAN, or when using a printed list you’ve probably noticed there are a variety of canvass results that you can mark if you didn’t talk to that voter. Maybe you’ve wondered the difference between Not Home and Moved. In this article we will detail when and how to use different canvass results.

OpenVPB Canvass Results

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In OpenVPB when you select that you couldn’t reach a voter it provides a variety of responses as shown to the left. You will run into instances where each of these canvass results will be useful. 


Not Home: The call rang through completely, but the voter did not pick up. No one else picked up the call either or someone else confirmed that the number was correct, but the voter wasn’t available.

Refused: The voter was hostile and/or refused to have a conversation.

Moved: The voter has answered the phone and told you they moved out of the district

Left Message: You left a voicemail for the voter. Only use this canvass result if you have actually left a message.

Wrong Number: Someone other than the voter answers the phone and tell you they are not the voter.

Disconnected: You hear the specific disconnected dial tone or the message says that the number is no longer in service.

Language Barrier: The voter answers and you confirm it’s them, but there is a language barrier.