If you have an existing phone bank that you'd like to make changes to, such as adding users, changing the expiration date, or publishing to OpenVPB, you can do so by going to the phone bank administration page in VAN. This can be found in 1 of 2 places:

  1. On the dashboard in the "Phone Banks," section (middle right-hand side of your screen) you should see a button to "View All."
  2. On the main menu in the "Administrative Menu," section (middle left-hand side of your screen) you should see a "Phone Services," dropdown. Click that and you should see, possibly among other things, a "Virtual Phone Bank," option.

You can also always use the search bar for "Virtual Phone Bank List."

Once you've gotten to the page, titled "Virtual Phone Bank Lists," you see a list of all active Virtual Phone Banks by default. From here you can click on any of them to make whatever edits are needed.

If you are trying to find expired phone banks you can check the "Show Expired Virtual Phone Banks," box and click refresh. For longstanding VAN Committees, we recommend setting a date range. Once you find your expired phone bank you can see the results as well as make any edits, including updating the expiration date and re-activating it, to complete it if needed.