Why might you want to change information about an existing user?

VAN users in your committee might want to:

  • Go by a different name 
  • Use a different email address
  • Use a different phone number for their ActionID
  • If the user hasn’t yet been created you should view information on creating users

How to change information about a user in VAN 

  • Select Users then Users from the Administrative menu screen shown below.
  • The screen below will appear after you click Users. On this screen, you can type in the User’s First and Last Name and then click the blue Refresh Results button on the right corner in order to find the User who you are updating.  
  • After you click the blue Refresh Results button on the screen shown above, the screen below will appear with results of users who match the name you searched. Select the appropriate User whose information you are updating from the bottom of the screen. 
  • After you have selected the correct User on the screen shown above, the screen below will appear. On the far right corner, you can edit the User’s information such as their first and last names
  • To edit other information about this User, scroll down on this page shown above and locate the Additional Contact Information section (shown below) on the right side of the screen.

How can a user change their own information in VAN 

  • Go to the top right of their screen on VAN and click on their name
  • Click on your name, the drop down menu shown below will appear
  • Click on Manage Profile. 
  • Once they click on Manage Profile, the screen below will appear. Here they can properly update their information and then save their changes.