First and foremost: Do not let your lists expire. The standard for data entry is that all data is entered within 24 hours of completion. Obviously this is not always possible, but it is something we should always strive for. If it can't be entered within the first day, you should not wait longer than a week to enter it. Having up-to-date data is absolutely critical to having efficiently run programs and campaigns. 

The following is a list of strategies for entering expired lists. If you need assistance with the data entry tools, check out this article on how to enter data from paper lists. All lists expire 30 days after being printed.

  • If you have the original list or the search used to create the list saved in VAN, you can re-print the list. Use grid view to enter as much of that data as possible. It may be mis-ordered, missing some people, and/or have some extra people. Be diligent to only mark people you actually canvassed. "Mark Remaining Not Home," should not be used as you may get people who aren't on the sheets marked as attempted.
    • If it is Door knocking turf, the person who cut it should be able to go to the "Turfs" section in VAN and generate a new list number to do this step.
    • Call sheets are more challenging, as the searches and lists often do not get saved before printing.

  • Create a form that has all the same survey questions and options as your script. Then use form view to quick look up each person on your list using their VANID. This can bit a bit tedious, but will allow you to make sure you enter everything exactly as in your original list.

  • Our recommendation is a combination of the above steps. Start be re-generating the list (if possible) and entering as much as you can in grid view. Check off each person that you enter on the physical list, then use form view to enter those that were not found in grid view.

  • If your printed list has barcodes, you can purchase a USB Barcode scanner and follow the instruction in VAN to setup barcode data entry. This can be one of the faster ways to enter expired lists if you have a scanner.