If you need to get data out of VAN for mailers or other uses, you can request that a list be exported and sent to you. A few things to keep in mind regarding exports:

  • Only campaign admins can request exports. Check with your admin to have your permissions upgraded if needed.
  • We review each individual request. Requests can be denied for any reason.
  • We do not export emails.
  • You are responsible for maintaining voter privacy in your exports. Keep that data on a locked computer if possible. If you need to print that data out, make sure to shred the paper when you are finished.

To request an export, follow the steps below:

Create the list you want to export or load a list from your folders. Then click export

Fill out the details on the following page. Make sure to note which fields you need from the export and what you'll be using the export for.

To check on the status of your export, go to My Requests in the Main Menu

Requests that have not yet been approved will be listed under Incomplete. Click into your request to see if the data team has any follow-ups for you. Most of the time, your request has not yet been approved because the data team has questions about how you will use the export. 

Once your request is approved, you'll receive an email. Your approved exports will be listed under Complete. To download your export, click Download on the right side of the screen. You can download each export once. 

If you receive an error when attempting to download a list, it is likely due to the file size. Please email us at support@okdemocrats.org and we can email your export directly to you.